Kevin Mottus - Environmental Health Advocate

Kevin Mottus is dedicated to providing the public with critical knowledge about their health and safety related to wireless technology.

As a professional in social work with a concern for public health and safety, Kevin Mottus has focused his efforts to educating the public about the dangers and health risks of cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and other wireless technology. 

Many individuals around the world remain unaware of the serious health effects cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices are connected to due to dangerous levels of radiation emission. 

Brain Cancer linked to cell phone use

In the video above, a group of cancer patients talk about the similarities of the location of their brain tumors. These tumors were all located around the area near the ear where people most often hold their cell phones: the insular region of the brain, the temporal lobe, and the frontal lobe.

Dangers of Wi-Fi in schools

The video above follows an investigation related to children feeling sick due to radiation exposure from Wi-Fi connections in School. Many children have been reported of suffering symptoms such as heart racing, headaches, nausea, shakiness, and more. Parents, kids, and other concerned citizens like Kevin Mottus have stated that technological conveniences such as Wi-Fi simply aren't worth the risk of our children's health and safety. Scientists and medical professionals are also insisting that governments and schools take a precautionary approach when it comes to Wi-Fi until we have enough scientific data to ensure health and safety for all. 

Dangers of Cell Towers

In the final video above, Dr. Martin Blank from Columbia University discusses the detrimental health effects of cell towers and wireless devices. Dr. Martin along with over 160 of his colleagues, are petitioning the United Nations, requesting that they address this serious and immediate problem.

Support Kevin Mottus and his cause to prevent the risks and dangers of cell phone towers: You can also stay informed about these significant issues and get involved with the process with the help of Kevin Mottus and his team.